Monday, February 3, 2014

Siop Lesson Plan

I used was Healthy and Un hygienic Foods SIOP Lesson Plan for kindergarteners. The objectives atomic number 18 aligned with academic standards. The lesson plans be in compliance it caters to two deft and lower proficient students. The lesson support the academic standards because it acquit from previous lessons and are fine tuned to uphold the students understand proficient nutrient choices. The assessments are aligned with the objectives by the simple brass of goodly aliment choices. It is explicitly clear what the students should know and be subject to do by the end of the lesson. The student generate be able to distinguish healthy and mortified food choices. Testing should prove if they mastered what was taught in the lesson. And assignments pass on trick up what skills they fork up learned from the lesson. The objective is to identify foods that are reasoned for the students so yes the learning experiences relevant. The instruction is differentiated by th e students being separated by learning proficiently and added armed service for sense by providing visual aids with the lesson plan. This lesson plan allow usefulness ELL or Special Needs students since the lesson is simplistic in formula and sluttish to acknowledge grounds. The activity that supports learning modalities was the students doing a humans break up for them to be physically involve with the lesson plan. individually student had a picture of a food and had to chose if they were healthy or unhealthy food. This activity reinforced the lesson plan. Teachers are able to check the students judgement by letting the students make posters of healthy and unhealthy posters. They stub also read The Very sharp-set Caterpillar and have the students give thumbs up to healthy food the caterpillar eats and thumbs down for unhealthy foods. Strategies to check for understanding would be the discussions on the correct and incorrect foods they should eat. Group activities w ill also help assess that knowledge is being! understood. Strategies not in the lessons...If you ask to get a full essay, influence it on our website:

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