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Essay on A Christmas Carol - 2313 Words

A Christmas Carol Stave 1: Scrooge’s character is established early in stave 1. Dickens shows his popularity by showing us his relationships with people in his surroundings. We can tell scrooge is unpopular as the narrator portrays him as a â€Å"Tight fisted hand at the grindstone.† Scrooges name give us a similarity between the word scrounge what is to be tight with money and every opportunity to make money, this automatically helps us launch an understanding that he is tight with his money, what is necessary to associate him as nasty old man. When the narrator is describing Scrooge he uses words that help us negotiate an opinion that Scrooge is an aggressive and is detested by person. It helps us find out that scrooge is a†¦show more content†¦Scrooge shows no affection towards him by declining his invitation to dinner on Christmas day. Scrooge does all that he can to turn his nephew ideas on Christmas. Scrooge’s argument on Christmas is that they have â€Å"no right to be merry as you are poor enough.† And he said he lives in his word of fools. We can tell he wants to be alone by telling him to â€Å"keep Christmas in his own way† literally telling him to leave him alone. Scrooge’s relation towards the two gentlemen collec ting money for a charity is that he instantly finds a defense of why he shouldn’t give money. He says that he shouldn’t give money because there are actually places for the homeless people to go scrooge feels â€Å"it’s none of my business† and he feels that â€Å"it’s enough for a man to understand his own business and not to interfere in others.† This also gives us ways of proving how cold hearted he is. Scrooge’s relationship with his employee Bob Cratchit is one where he mistreats poor bob. Scrooge neglects Bob and he thinks that he has to get his moneys worth for his work. The ways that Scrooge mistreats Bob Cratchit is by not allow him to put another coal on his fire he is told to â€Å"poke the ashes.† This shows his wicked and cruel side but Cratchit puts up with his evil ways because he believes it is because Scrooge is lonely. Scrooge is adamant about bobs time of work he finds a defense about why should he not work, hisShow MoreRelatedA Christmas Carol854 Words   |  4 PagesA Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. In this extract we are presented with Scrooge. From the beginning Scrooge is presented as a miser. In the extract we find out that he is an old, rude and ignorant man that doesn’t appreciate others around him. Dickens uses different language techniques to describe Scrooges appearance as clear as possible. In the opening paragraph Dickens uses imagery to create a vivid impression of Scrooge. He is described as ‘a tight-fisted hand at the grind-stone’, and thisRead MoreA Christmas Carol Essay1304 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Each ghost marks an important step in Scrooge’s journey towards being a better person. Explain In Dickens five stave novella each ghost in A Christmas Carol contributes to the final redemption of his journey to becoming a better person. The ghosts take Scrooge on a journey, physically, taking him to visit important aspects of his past, present and future and these journeys metaphorically empathy enlightenment that he needs to change into a more humane person. The five staves outline how he growsRead MoreScrooge in A Christmas Carol2375 Words   |  10 Pages In a time in which the significance of Christmas gradually started to change, Charles Dickens, in accordance with these changes, wrote a Christmas tale: A Christmas Carol. The novella was published six days in advance of the Christmas celebrations of 1843; it was sold out three days later. Although a socially engaged narrative, Dickens’ work is not occupied with trivialities such as the introduction of Christmas cards; instead A Christmas Carol focuses on the transforming beliefs and valuesRead MoreThe Case Of A Christmas Carol1339 Words   |  6 Pagesmarriage and gender roles. In the case of A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens wants readers to see how living a life that radiates love and promotes happiness is better than being selfish and living a miserable life, and how past circumstances heavily influence who we are as people. The two messages both authors want readers to take away from the story, although different, achieve the takeaway through the utilization first person narration. Furthermore, the narration in these stories also consistsRead MoreThe Symbols Of A Christmas Lessol : A Christmas Carol1818 Words   |  8 PagesA Christmas Carol was published relatively early in his career, appearing in 1843 when Dickens was 31. The tale is one of a series of short stories on a subject that had long preoccupied its author: the importance of celebrating Christmas. One of Dickenss earliest published works was a defense of this holiday against its enemies, both religious, and irreligious. The former objected to the pagan unseemliness of feasting and frolicking in celebration of the birth of Christ. The latter objected toRead MoreA Christmas Carol Essay1010 Words   |  5 PagesA Christmas Carol was written by Charles Dickens in 1843. Life for the lower class during this time was extremely hard because of enormous amounts of illnesses, young children worked and no education. A Christmas Carol was set in mid 19th century, during this time people had a really bad time ; most of the people was unemployed and the people who were employed were paid deficiently, others were seasonal or casual, which meant they were when work was available so most of the families lived in povertyRead MoreChristmas Carol Analysis679 Words   |  3 PagesCesar Granda E.G 121 When reading A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens you realize that Scrooge’s childhood has a huge impact on his adult life, his adult self is a mirror image of his child self, both in his emotions and relationships. This becomes apparent when the ghost of Christmas past appears and takes Scrooge on a journey back into his childhood days. His childhood really molds Scrooge into the person he becomes later in life. Scrooge was a lonely and withdrawn child becauseRead MoreThe Music Of A Christmas Carol1333 Words   |  6 Pageswhen Hester claims that she thought it was her playing the organ (Gaskell 18). Being that Miss Furnivall is deaf, and is therefore an unlikely musician, this insinuates that Miss Furnivall is connected to this problem. However similar to â€Å"A Christmas Carol†, the music is suggested to be derived from ghostly means, because the organ is found to be broken inside, therefore unable to be played normally (Gaskell 18). This thought is later underlined when the child, Rosamond, goes missing, and ghostsRead More A Christmas Carol Essay2141 Words   |  9 PagesA Christmas Carol Lots of people take great pleasure in listening or telling ghost stories. People enjoy this because it gives them a chance to tell people maybe some of their own experiences, stories or their ideas. Some of these may be very scary and some may only be mildly scary. It is also a good way of socialising as you are talking to people and sharing experiences that people may find extremely interesting, resulting in them thinking you are very intellectual, as telling storiesRead More Christmas Carol Essay744 Words   |  3 PagesChristmas Carol How does Charles Dickens convey the character of scrooge in the early pages of a Christmas Carol? Charles Dickens, is best known for his host of distinctively cruel, repugnant characters. His father was sent to a Debtors prison taken his son Charles with him maybe this is where some of the ideas for characters came from. After a few years, Dickens left the prison to work in a blacking factory. Dickens started writing in prosperous Victorian England, where only the

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The Beauty Of Dystopia By Aldous Huxley - 1197 Words

The beauty of dystopia is that it lets us vicariously experience future worlds - but we still have the power to change our own. (Ally Condie). Dystopian Literature is intriguing as it exposes the reader to sometimes unconventional concepts and can also serve as a warning to what may become of society if the wrong path is chosen. In literary works of Brave New World, there are many warnings that the author Aldous Huxley establishes through events that take place in the civilized world. In this dystopian society we can observe that science is the thriving fragment that holds society together but it seems to demoralize and mitigate human morals and values. It is also apparent that love and family are non existent in this society as sex is meaningless and having a baby is considered a big shame. Some literature such as the works of Shakespeare and holy books are banned in society in order eliminate outbursts from people who become too curious and possess a threat to social stability. Science is important and beneficial to any thriving society. In this dystopian society science is what keeps it together and functioning the way that the world controllers would would like it to be. Science is used in a way that mitigates what a human should be through its oppressive powers. People are oppressed through the taking of soma which is a mass produced, government approved hallucinogen that relaxes the person and gives them the sense of happiness when it is not truly there.Show MoreRelatedA Brave New World by Aldous Huxley1684 Words   |  7 Pagesfiction. Aldous Huxley was an English writer who lived during a time when war and chaos were engulfing the world. His works reflect his view and thoughts on a dystopia, which is a false utopia, and describes what could occur in possible governments of the world. The ability to understand and dive into the thoughts of the author is what makes world literature such an important aspect in literature. Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World, depicts the horrors of a futuristic dystopia based on hisRead MoreThe World State Conditioning Effect On People1343 Words   |  6 PagesEnglish 105 Essay First Draft Due: Week 8 By: Ha Linh Quan (ID: QUAHD1403) The World State Conditioning Effect on People Reading Brave New World written by Aldous Huxley, readers are led to a dystopia in which the World State takes control over everything including reproduction, consumption and the most important of all†conditioning. Although Lenina and Linda are not the main characters that bring the story to its climax, they play significant roles in the story as they represent the people beingRead MoreAldous Huxley s Brave New World1904 Words   |  8 PagesAldous Huxley’s Brave New World, published in 1932, is a masterpiece of science fiction. His imagined, dystopian state creatively employs facts and theories of science, as well as his very own thinly-veiled commentary on the future of society. His family background and social status, in addition to molding Huxley himself and his perspective, no doubt made impact on his writing and contributed to the scientific accuracy of his presentation. However, Huxley certainly qualifies as a social commenterRead MoreAldous Huxley s Brave New W orld1564 Words   |  7 Pageswhere everybody is happy, there is no sorrow or suffering, no fear of death, no misery, everything is pleasant, and the government doles out happy pills, known as Soma. Aldous Huxley’s novel â€Å"Brave New World† describes this world. Is everyone truly happy, and what do the citizens sacrifice in exchange for living in this utopia? Huxley helped shape the modern mind with provocative theories about humankind s destiny, and he was concerned with the possible social and moral implications that advances inRead More A Dystopian Future in Brave New World Essay examples4100 Words   |  17 Pagesdrug that removes all psychological pain, the pursuit of carnal pleasures, and the replacement of identity and soul with idol worship of a Henry Ford type savior serve to create a dystopia that is frightening as well as the path already being forged in society when he wrote the work in the early 1930s. Yet when Huxley published the book in 1932, the concepts most frightening in the novel (babies conceived in the laboratory, gene splicing and reproduction, and pharmaceutical wonder drugs to relieveRead MoreAnalysis Of Aldous Huxley s Brave New World 3236 Words   |  13 Pagesordered community. The perfect society would hold a more ordered community, obviously. However, perhaps this utopian dream could carry a society that hides malicious motives in order to keep up appearances. Aldous Huxley illustrates this idea in his timeless work of science-fiction, Brave New World. Huxley illuminates a malicious government that hides its true motives from an unsuspecting society by using materialistic distractions, the illusion of happiness and productivity, and the idea of perfect equalityRead MoreEssay on The Representation of the Body in Blade Runner2251 Words   |  10 PagesThis essay will discuss the representation of the body in Blade Runner because in discussing the effects of somet hing yet to happen which is the dystopia presented by Blade Runner, in the present tense i.e. in assuming that it has already happened, we gain a greater insight and understanding of the consequences of our actions as a society now. Dystopic films and novels such as Blade Runner, Nineteen Eighty Four and Brave New World are invaluable as texts which have tied together philosophical, political

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Funny Ads Free Essays

â€Å"Humour certainly succeeds in getting people’s attention and is the most effective advertising strategy of our time. † Advertisement is one of the important things for a company’s marketing. It can say that in today’s modern life advertisement plays a key role in order for any company or product to succeed the advertisement must deliver a powerful message which attracts the consumer’s attention (Creativenerds 2010). We will write a custom essay sample on Funny Ads or any similar topic only for you Order Now That is because â€Å"advertising can achieve communications object such as informing people about brands, it can create awareness and it can move people closer to choosing one brand rather than another. (Blithe 2009) Humour has become a mainstay of advertising campaigns and has proven to be one of the most effective methods ever devised for selling products and creating a positive brand image (Clayton n. d. ). That is because Funny advertisements are a way to make sure they provide something different to the eyes of customers to stand out in the crowd of products of services (SloDive n. d. ). Advertising is defined as a paid insertion of a message in a medium, and it is probably the most prominent of all marketing activities. Non-marketers often think that advertising is all that marketers do, which is of course not case the definition specifically excludes anything that is not paid for, or anything that does not pass through a medium, or anything that does not convey a message (Blithe 2009). However, it is true that using humour in advertisement can get people’s attention but it is not the most effective advertising strategy of our time. This essay will firstly show the disadvantages of using humour in advertising with some examples, and secondly, it also mentions some benefits of funny advertisement together with an example. The last thing is the recommendation about an advertising strategy. It is clear that the most obvious advantage of funny advertisement is that it does get more attention from consumers and is better like. That is because humour is not only one of the best ways to captivate your audience’s attention but it also makes a product or service easier to recall or remember. People will probably love to  remember things  that make them smile or laugh and making people recognize a product is the most important thing for company’s marketing. The quote from presidiacreative is the good example. Humor is the best medicine, and this holds true in advertising as well, humor is one of the best ways to captivate your audience’s attention. Whether the humor is blatantly obvious, or a subtle joke, funny advertisements are always appreciated by the public, which is why so much effort goes into Superbowl ads. † (presidiacreative 2011) Furthermore, funny advertisement can ge t more attention because most people like funny things and it put them in a good mood. People love to be entertained that is why laughter has an enormous power when it comes to  advertisements. If asking some people about any advertisement that they seem to remember up to this day, more than 80 percents of them will think about  advertisements  that made them smile or laugh. They will relax and pay more attention when they know that advertisement has a sense of humor. Also, it create a more comfortable atmosphere and positive image for the company as Mr. Daboll, CEO of Ace Metrix, said â€Å"If you’re equal on relevance and information, almost always funny will win over unfunny ads because it drives the other scores like likability and attention. (Neff 2012) Another advantage of using humour in advertising is that it can persuade people to buy products. Many people decide to buy the product because they like the advertisement. That is why the advertisement has a lot influence on circulation. According to Bhatti’s survey (2012), more than 50% of the current Vodafone customer is the result of effective funny advertisement created. Moreover, for advertisemen t, creativity is most important, and funniness is an extra added bonus for success. The Huggies advertisement is the very good example. It was successful funny advertisement because it conveys the message that a kid with a serious bladder problem can be contained. † (Hollis 2011). From two reason mentioned above it can understand that the advantages of using humour in advertisement are that people tend to enjoy it more, remember it, talk about it and then ultimately purchase a product. If a brand manager or a marketer always remembers that as long as people smile, they will surely buy. On the other hand, trying to use some serious approach in advertisement can make people find it boring and they will skip your advertisement (Sterling 2012). Although funny advertising has some advantages, it also has a lot disadvantages. The first one is that it can make consumers laugh but do not make them buy and the worst thing that could happen, and does happen, is for people to notice the advertisement and remember the joke, but not the business (Theselfemployed n. d. ). It is true that funny advertisements are useful for entertaining viewers, but are not the most effective way for advertisers to convince those viewers to buy the product. There was a report about this point from Ace Metrix. It presented that â€Å"Funniness had little correlation with effectiveness in a scoring system that incorporates watchability, likability and persuasion among other factors. In fact, funny ads were slightly less likely to increase desire or purchase intent than unfunny ones. † (Neff 2012) These means that perfect ad is one that is appealing and memorable and effective all in the same breath (Pride et al. 2007). As Mr. Peter Daboll, CEO of Ace Metrix, said â€Å"Just being funny doesn’t make an ad better, but being funny, relevant and informative are the things that really make an ad work† (Neff 2012). Secondly, some viewers cannot understand what those ads want to advertise. That is because there are a lot of jokes, slangs and spoken language in funny ads, so some people can understand but some people cannot. Nigel Hollis (2011), chief global analyst at Millward Brown, a global market research company, said that â€Å"Humor is culturally specific. Subtle references and puns tend to travel badly. † This is the example of one of the viewers’ opinion on the incomprehensible funny advertisement. I’m confused by the latest TV commercial for Adidas running shoes. The one that has the guy running through the city, and everything gets disrupted when he runs by it. Waterbeds explode, tractor trailer tires blow out, balloon floats deflate, a kid gets knocked off a pogo stick. At first I thought it was because the guy’s feet smelled so bad he was causing all of this to happen, but the commercial is for a running shoe, so they wouldn’t do that. † (Sass one 2005) This will make the company lose the group of people who cannot understand he advertisement. A lot of people simply do not have a sense of humours, so if they think that the advertisement is not fun or they do not understand it, the company will lose these people immediately, and the potential size of the market will shrinks (Professional Advertising n. d. ). Thirdly, not all ads can be funny. It is believed that advertisement is a representative of company so if companies use funny things in ads that should not be funny, it will provide bad effect to companies’ images. In addition, advertising humor can backfire. If companies make a joke at the expense of any one group, they will surely alienate them. For example, many years ago, in Thailand, there was disrespectful act toward Buddha in one restaurant’s poster to make people fun. As a result, a lot of Thai people blamed on that restaurant and were banned it. This is because Buddhists who see a Buddha image placed in an improper place will feel very unhappy and may become subject to conflict arising from such situations. (Knowingbuddha n. d. ). Finally, some people cannot get any information from funny advertisement while some get bored with the same jokes. As the Professional Advertising said â€Å"The first time we see it we may laugh out loud. But after a while, although we still may smile at the joke, it’s not so funny anymore. Funny ads need to be replaced periodically. † (Professional Advertising n. d. ) Generally, when someone got the jokes, those jokes are not funny anymore. In the same ways as a funny advertisement, the first time people see the advertisement they will feel fun and interested, but they will find it not funny anymore when they see it again and again. Additionally, some advertisements have a lot of funny things but less information. In fact, giving information about a product is the most important of advertising and using humor is a supplement. Although funny advertisements drive the great advertising attributes such as attention and likeability, low information and relevance on many funny ads results in creating lower desire for the advertised products than non-funny advertisements (Tuttle 2012). This is the same concept as Michael Curran, Resource Manager at Capgemini, that â€Å"If an ad is merely funny and does nothing to bolster the featured product’s attributes, however, it’s probably a failure, no matter how funny the ad is. † (Tuttle 2012) In conclusion, Funny advertisement can get attention from viewers but it not always makes them buy a product. Besides, some people cannot understand what the ad wants to advertise and they sometimes cannot get anything about the product but fun. Also, not all ads can be funny. As a result, using humour in advertisement is one advertising strategy but it cannot be used with all advertisements and it is not the best way. It is recommended that companies should take care in considering what’s best for their brand. Don’t just jump on the funny band wagon because everyone is doing it. Every product must have its own proper way to advertise, so if a company can find that proper way, it will succeed in advertising. Some products are suited for funny advertisement but some are not, so companies should think carefully before advertising their product. Word count: 1670 How to cite Funny Ads, Essay examples

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Generation Me Response Essay Sample free essay sample

It is really evident that today’s coevals has changed greatly since coevals of the â€Å"baby boomers† . Children in the current coevals are coming into a wholly different universe than it was merely 30 old ages ago. From about every child having a cell phone. telecastings being level. and societal networking. it is obvious this isn’t the same universe that our grandparents. and even our parents were raised in. Looking back at the coevals of the â€Å"baby boomers† . it’s difficult to even conceive of what life would hold been like. The â€Å"boomers† grew up in a clip of where war was an occurring thing. from World War I. World War II. and even the war in Vietnam. They grew up in the clip of the great depression. where bread lines and soup kitchens were a portion of many families’ lives. Even engineering was far from what it is today. Families were lucky to hold one telecasting in their house. people really used land-line telephones. and a individual holding a cell phone was improbable. The book Generation Me does a great occupation of indicating out any difference between the â€Å"boomer† coevals. and coevals â€Å"me† . From the manner childs are taught in school. the manner childs treat other people. and even the attitude about one’s ego has wholly changed. The writer. Jean M. Twenge. Ph. D. . notices every minor alteration that has occurred between the two coevalss. and comprised a book that will hold you noticing things about yourself that you may hold neer noticed before. The book starts out with the impression that kids these yearss are taught to be their egos and non care what others think. Parents of the coevals me kids teach their childs to make whatever makes them happy. and giving them the thought that â€Å"your manner is the right way† . Besides a chief focal point that parents and instructors both focus on is learning the kids to love themselves for who they are and have a high self-pride. Generation me childs took these thought and ran with it. Kids these yearss are more individualistic than any other coevals in the past. From babies. kids are taught to do their ain determinations. and even have an influence on the determinations made by their household. Toddlers. and even babies. are asked what outfit they would wish to have on for the twenty-four hours. even before they can even get down to explicate any type of words or sentences. alternatively of their parents taking their outfits for them. Parents and wise mans of the kids want t hem to show their egos in any manner they want to and be whatever they want to be. They believe that as long their kid is expresses themselves as they want. and acquire what they want. than that will raise the child’s self-pride. But with kids holding a higher self-pride. non utilize to hearing â€Å"no† and them holding an influence in any determination that could affect them. when kids enter school it causes some struggles between the kids and instructors. Schools have about wholly changed the manner that childs are taught. With the major focal point on self-pride. instruction had been modified non to allow the childs down. Schooling has about given the kids in the coevals â€Å"me† the thought that classs are â€Å"given† and non â€Å"earned† . With kids doing more and more determinations for themselves. acquiring a kid to desire to make prep is difficult. Parents don’t want to implement any will upon their kid because they are afraid of it aching their self-pride. With parents and instructors non forcing the kids to make their school work and concentrating so much on non aching the kid’s self-pride. instructors are about forced to give the kids a good class even if the kid deserves to neglect. The book states the thought that instructor would instead concentrate on self-pride. than giving the kids a good instruction and fixing them for the rough world of the outside universe. â€Å"Children shouldn’t be challenged to seek things that others in the category are non ready for. since that would advance competition. and competition is bad for self-esteem† as stated in the book. Throughout Generation Me. it is apparent that self-esteem. and individualism plays a really strong portion in the manner we were raised. and the manner we act. An thought from the book that seemed really true was that kids in the coevals â€Å"me† are set up for failure in life and for their dreams to be crushed. Turning up. children’s caputs are drilled with phrase â€Å"you can be anything that would desire to be† . Traveling through schooling. and neer holding much resistant from any authorization. and invariably being re-assured that no affair how they do. whether it’s ; base on balls. fail. win. or loose. they ever did a great occupation and did their best is far from the rough world of â€Å"life. † When childs are told that they can be anything they want. and do whatever they want. they believe that they truly can be the following â€Å"Bill Gates† or the following â€Å"Michael Jordan† . or even acquire into any college they want to. They believe this until real property work stoppages. Childs are neer told that there are 1000s of childs with the same dream as they have. or that some Ivy League schools accept less than 15 % of all of their appliers. many valedictory speakers. and pupils in the top of their category. Children are neer taught to be competitory in life. They are merely handed what they want and when come ining the on the job universe full of â€Å"boomers† . everything alterations. This alteration can even be damaging to their self-esteem. The mean degree of instruction has even changed since the â€Å"baby boomer† coevals. It was wholly normal for members of the â€Å"boomers† to halt instruction after high school. and expect to do a nice life. Today. in order to acquire a well-paying occupation. most occupations require a college grade. and even a master’s grade. Since the cost of life has increased dramatically. this puts a batch of emphasis on childs to travel to college so that they will possibly be able to afford a house and back up a household. Generation Me has besides pointed out that households are a batch different than they were in the â€Å"boomer† coevals. â€Å"Boomers† believed in settling down early and get downing a household. That’s non the same position that coevals â€Å"me† members see themselves making. With individualism and self-esteem playing a large function. grownups in their 20â€℠¢s believe that alternatively of settling down so fast and doing a household like the â€Å"boomers† did. they should research and day of the month around to happen precisely what they are looking for in a individual. After all. members in the â€Å"me† coevals are taught to hold precisely what they want. This means that that mean age for people settling down and get downing households had gone up. Even the sum of single people has gone up. The book gives a few accounts as to why this could be go oning. from emphasis of acquiring a good instruction. happening a well-paying occupation that would back up themselves. allow entirely a whole household. Another ground could be that possibly since â€Å"me’ers† are taught to happen and travel after what they want. they neer find the individual that they connect with. This is a major alteration from the â€Å"baby boomer generation† and those with spiritual backgrounds where matrimony and holding a spouse we about necessary and sometimes even arranged by parents. Although the people coevals â€Å"me† have been so focused on holding a high self-pride. and making what makes them happy. there has been a perceptibly drastic alteration in how people feel about themselves. One points made in the book is that the people in the coevals â€Å"me† are a batch more down. hold more anxiousness. and are a batch more diffident about their hereafter. This could be due to many factors in the manner they were brought up. and the universe they were brought up in. As stated earlier in the book. people acquiring out of high school and come ining college. or the on the job universe face many nerve-racking state of affairss such as acquiring accepted into the school they want. happening a occupation. and viing with the other â€Å"well-qualified† â€Å"me’ers† . The members of this coevals have a batch of built up anxiousness when waiting for that missive stating they got accepted to the college they want. and even do it worse wh en believing about a missive stating they didn’t acquire accepted. When raising the coevals â€Å"me† . parents neer thought that learning their kids to hold such a high self-pride would do jobs such as depression and anxiousness. but in world it was merely that that caused such a down-turn in the manner the â€Å"me’ers† saw themselves. Another drastic alteration that the members in coevals me have bared informant excessively is equality amongst everyone. Unlike the â€Å"baby boomers† . who saw unintegrated schools. and were taught that adult females were to remain at place to cook. clean. and raise kids. coevals â€Å"me† is all about equality. We now have an Afro-american president. many chief executive officer and high-level places are held by adult females. and there is non a individual unintegrated school. This is a far alteration from any past coevals. and could likely be one of the most good alterations that has come from this new coevals. Generation Me does a great occupation at detecting the good. the bad. and the ugly alterations that has occurred since the past coevals. This book has helped me even notice things about myself that I neer took the clip to believe about. and all the points that the writer. Jean M. Twenge. Ph. D. . makes are valid points. and obvious alterations since past coevalss. I wholly agree with every point that the writer has made. and can personally associate to this book.

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Clinton Vs. Lazio Essays - Politics Of The United States

Clinton Vs. Lazio Many of the upcoming November elections this year create much friction and competition between the candidates. The New York State Senate race between Hillary Clinton and Rick Lazio has proved to very close and heated. eEach candidate has strong views on issues and puts up a good debate about each one. Hillary Clinton is the Democrat and Rick Lazio is the Republican in this election. This is a very close race and the winner will determine many of New York's views on future issues. Hillary Clinton, never having a legislative record, has been the First Lady to the President for 8 years. Clinton has been a resident of New York State for only a few months previous to the time she began running for office. Clinton is challenged by her opponent because radio and television ads seem to turn the public against Clinton. This is an example of Lazio criticizing her because of his negatively directed ads towards Clinton. Because Clinton has never been involved in a legislature before, she has no voting record. This could prove to be a disadvantage for Clinton because voters cannot see what she has previously supported. Hillary has an advantage in the election because the New York Times endorsed her. Being the most prominent newspaper in New York, this is a sign of success as the last two politicians endorsed by the NYT have won their elections. Another disadvantage that Clinton has is that she is not a born New York citizen. She has been ?carpetbagging?, or buying propert y in a state just so she can run for office in the state. Hillary takes a firm stand on many of the issues facing New York State and the Congress today. Hillary Clinton's views on abortion are that she supports the Roe vs. Wade ruling. This act was passed in 1973 when the US Supreme Court legalized abortion. She would vote to ban late-term abortion, unless the mother or child was threatened by the birth. Clinton would reject Supreme Court jurors who are opposed to abortion rights. Hillary also agrees with federal funds spent on abortions at military hospitals. Hillary acknowledges the competition between her and Lazio by retaliating to a comment he made by saying, ?My opponent [Lazio] is wrong. I have said many times that I can support a ban on late term abortion including partial-birth abortions, so long as the health and life of the mother is protected?. Clinton states this at a Senate Debate in Manhattan on October 8, 2000. Another issue that Hillary has brought up is her support ing of the death penalty, involved with capital punishment. Clinton also consents counsel and forensics testing for death row defendants. In addition to these issues, Clinton is opposed to a constitutional amendment banning flag desecration, or the burning of flags. Hillary supports a number of other issues, including smaller classrooms, and more federal funds towards the hiring of new teachers and school construction. Clinton supports the importing of cheaper prescription drugs from Canada and the ability to sue HMO's. Also, Hillary's tax plan shows an increasing number of tax dollars going towards high-speed Internet access and high tech research. As stated, Hillary has quite a few views on certain issues facing the nation., Rick Lazio, Clinton's Republican opponent, is putting up a good fight for a NYS Senate position. As Lazio states in the Republican Convention on May 30, 2000 in Buffalo, ?I begin this race with no illusions. I am the underdog in this race. My opponent is better financed and better known?but as I've said before: ?bring ?em on'?I have one advantage she will never have?I am a New Yorker?. Lazio opens his campaign here with brutal honesty about his place in the election. Clinton challenges him with her money and power, but he overcomes this by equalizing himself to her by stating his state of residency, New York. Lazio proclaims his advantages by saying, ?I have a solid, pro-NY voting record. I have a legislative record to stand on- unlike my opponent?. Lazio's former legislative record has not strayed far from the issues he is against and supports in the upcoming election. He steadily remains a Republican through the issues

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The 5 Best SAT Prep Games

The 5 Best SAT Prep Games SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips You may have heard of a new trend in test prep:games. That’s right- studying for your SAT by playing computer (and even phone) games! If this sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is. Most of the SAT prep games out there are pretty bad.However, there are a few games that may genuinely help you with some aspects of your test prep experience- although they won’t do much other than supplement your more typical studying activities like taking practice tests and doing practice problems. In this article I’ll break down the SAT prep game trend, explain why most prep games won’t help you, describe what makes a good prep game, offer some recommendations for games that will help you, and offer some advice on how to use them. SAT Prep Games: An Overview The past few years have seen a rise in â€Å"gamification,† or the attempt to make regular, tedious life tasks more game-like and thus more fun and exciting. There are apps for gamifying exercise, productivity, household chores, finance, and even shopping. Given the ever-increasing circle of things that have been gamified, it’s no surprise that SAT games have proliferated in the past few years. Lots of test-prep companies have gotten on the train. Kaplan, the Princeton Review, the Idiot’s Guide- they all have created or helped create SAT practice games. The general idea behind SAT games is that if preparing for the testis fun, you will want to do it. If you want to do it, you’ll spend more time preparing. But is this true? And even if it is, is the preparation you get from playing games comparable to that from less fun modes of studying? Can you game your way to SAT success? Why Most SAT Prep Games Are Bad The truth is that there are very few test-prep games that will actually provide substantial help on the SAT. In fact, they may even be detrimental, because you may play them thinking you are getting in some valuable preparation when you really aren’t. The problem with most SAT prep games is that they are mostly just glorified multiple-choice quizzes. However, the questions are generally of low quality and don’t resemble real SAT questions very much. Answers are sometimes truly ambiguous or unclear, and explanations are often lacking or nonexistent.Further limiting the utility of many of these games is that they haven’t been updated for the revised SAT. So you’ll be hit with outdated question styles that aren’t even on the SAT anymore, like Sentence Completion and Sentence Error. If a game just asks you â€Å"SAT-style† multiple choice questions, I advise you to stay away from it unless you can thoroughly vet that the questions actually resemble real SAT questions. You are much better off using genuine College Board SAT practice tests or even ACT tests if you need more sample questions to prep for the SAT. It might be marginally more fun to see yourself get points for correct questions in an app or on a website, but you’ll be much happier in the long run if you spend that time answering well-written sample questions that will actually help you. Also, the College Board has now partnered with Khan Academy to create SAT prep resources online, which has both gamified aspects like earnable badges and College-Board official practice questions. You are better off using Khan Academy than any other multiple-choice-based SAT prep game. There are many SAT games that are very focused on vocab. However, while a diverse vocab is still important for the SAT, the revised test places much less emphasis on knowing arcane words out-of-context. So exclusively â€Å"SAT Vocab† focused games may not have much utility for you. STOP before you play bad SAT games! What Makes a Good SAT Prep Game? There are, in general, three things that make for a good prep game. #1: Targets a Specific SAT Skill or Content Area A game aimed at a specific concept that’s tested on the SAT- trigonometry, modelling, punctuation, etc- will be much more useful than something that just offers half-baked multiple choice questions on vocab words. This means that the best SAT prep games may not even be designed specifically for the SAT! They just need to work on building a skill or reviewing material that is covered on the SAT. #2: Engaging If the game is boring, you might as well just take practice tests. A prep game doesn’t have to be the most fun you’ve ever had, but it should break up your practice routine a little bit. #3: Content Is Accurate This seems like a no-brainer, but it’s very important to make sure that the game is actually presenting content accurately. Otherwise you could be studying incorrect material! I would include in this that multiple-choice questions need to actually resemble real SAT questions. Keep your SAT ducks in a row! Want to learn more about the SAT but tired of reading blog articles? Then you'll love our free, SAT prep livestreams. Designed and led by PrepScholar SAT experts, these live video events are a great resource for students and parents looking to learn more about the SAT and SAT prep. Click on the button below to register for one of our livestreams today! 5 Solid SAT Prep Games If you want to incorporate some academic and SAT-prep games into your studying, there are several sources where you might look for actually useful games. #1:Sheppards Software This site has a variety of simple, educational flash games for pre-K through 12th grade. The math page has games for probability, algebra, geometry, and several other topics that appear the SAT. There are also word games in the Language Arts section that test your skill with punctuation and parts of speech. This is a solid resource if you find yourself getting stuck on a particular concept in math or language arts, and you just need to drill recall in a non-boring way. #2:FreeRice FreeRice is an online game in which you answer questions to fill up your bowl of rice; every correct question answered actually provides rice to someone in need. FreeRice has an SAT prep category, but I don’t advise using it as the questions are based on the old SAT. I think the English grammar mode is much more useful; you’ll pick the grammatically correct sentence and move through progressively harder levels as you keep choosing the right answer. This is good practice for your wrong-answer elimination skills on the Writing portion of the SAT! #3:NYTimes Student Crosswords This page has printable crosswords (and answer keys) in a variety of academic subjects, including several that are relevant to the SAT, like grammar, geometry, and algebra. These could function as a fun review of some key subject-matter concepts for the SAT. #4:Quizlet With a free account on Quizlet, you can access thousands of flashcard sets that others have uploaded to the site, including a variety of SAT prep sets. Of course, you’ll want to check out a set before you use it to study to make sure it actually has useful (and correct) information. What’s even better is that you can make a set yourself with the things you really need to drill down on. Once you make or choose a set, you can play with it in two game modes. There’s a matching game and a game where you prevent asteroids from hitting the planet by typing the correct answer. #5:Daily SAT Practice This is one of the less gamelike options out there, but it is an official College Board app. It offers you an official practice SAT question every day; once you answer the question you can compare how you did with other students. A solid option simply because all of the questions are College Board-approved. Make your SAT prep arsenal a full deck. How to Use SAT Prep Games in Your Own Studies While SAT games won’t replace the majority of your regular, unglamorous studying, they can supplement it in a few key ways. #1: To Target Specific Skills/Concepts SAT prep games can be helpful in targeting specific skills or concepts that you have trouble with. If commas stump you, try a punctuation game; if triangles trouble you, play a trigonometry or geometry game. Games can be a fun way to learn or reinforce an underlying concept you need to know for the SAT. #2: Keep Material Fresh Between Study Sessions A quick SAT game can be a good way to keep things fresh between dedicated preparation sessions. A few grammar questions on FreeRice will help keep your grammar brain fresh when you go a day or two without any serious prep time. #3: As Warm-ups, Breaks, and Rewards SAT practice games are also a great way to warm up your brain at the beginning of a study session, and a good way to re-energize yourself during a quick break. Playing an SAT game you like for a few minutes before you take a practice test will help turn on your brain and get the gears moving before the main event. You can also use prep games as a reward after you finish a study session to help wrap things up on a low-stress note! The judicious use of prep games can help you hit an SAT home run! Key Takeaways Do I think you could do all of your studying with prep games and do well? No, especially because most prep games are just poorly-written SAT quizzes. That said, here’s what does make a solid SAT prep game: It presents skills and content that are tested on the SAT It’s engaging It presents accurate information There are several sources you might look for to find game-like resources for SAT prep: Sheppards Software- Simple flash games for math and English concepts. FreeRice - Has an English grammar mode that’s useful for the Writing section. NYTimes Student Crosswords - A fun way to review fundamental concepts in a subject. Quizlet - Make your own flashcards and then play games with them! Daily SAT Practice - this College Board official app offers a question a day and lets you see how others did. While they won’t replace most of your studying, there are some targeted ways you might deploy SAT prep games as part of your preparation plan: To target specific skills/concept areas you are weak in Keeping material fresh between study sessions Warm-ups, breaks, and rewards during studying With these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to be able to get the most out of your SAT prep games instead of being played by them! What's Next? Looking for more SAT practice resources? Check our list of best SAT prep books.Or see our list of SAT practice tests. Want to score a super high SAT score?Get all the tips and expert advice you need inmy guide to getting a perfect SAT score. Looking for additional SAT prep help?Check out our picks for thetop SAT prep websitesandappsyou should be using in your studies. Want to improve your SAT score by 160 points?We have the industry's leading SAT prep program. Built by Harvard grads and SAT full scorers, the program learns your strengths and weaknesses through advanced statistics, then customizes your prep program to you so you get the most effective prep possible. Check out our 5-day free trial today:

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Denial-of-service attack Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Denial-of-service attack - Essay Example There are a number of network activities which people carry out in order to prevent users from working with a particular website or virtual organization effectively. Denial-of-service attacks are not a new phenomenon in the technological industry. These attacks are launched to slowdown or affect the smooth running of a particular website. These attacks are really troublesome for the users who have an immediate need to launch a website and retrieve information or process a transaction online (Morley & Parker 2009, pp. 383-384). Such attacks are, hence, widely discussed by researchers and the debate relating to the causes, effects and prevention of such attacks has been continuously given attention. This paper aims to analyze the causes, effects and reasons behind denial-of-service attacks. Denial-of-attack refers to a situation created by an attacker with an aim to stop or make difficult for the legitimate users from accessing the information they require or using services offered onl ine (Komar et. Al., 2003, p. 99). An attacker may affect the performance of the network or the computer system of the user or the computers and network of the website that the user is trying to get access to (Zhang, Zheng & Ma 2008 p. 588). An attacker may be able to stop users from getting access to the emails, chat databases, websites, online services like banking, online educational websites etc and so on (Vacca 2007 p. 238). It is important to understand the ways in which an attacker manipulates or worsens the situation of the network and its working abilities. The most common method used by attackers of Denial-of-service attack is the use of massive amounts of information to slow down the network. The ‘flood’ of information or massive requests for access to a site for viewing the information uploaded there, prevents a number of legitimate users from gaining access (Das & Gulati 2004, p. 214). Servers are designed to process a limited number of access requests or in formation