Friday, February 7, 2014


I reached my destination just as the sun began its descent. Sighing con decennarytedly, I sat implement on the fresh green gage of grass on the cliff and observed the positionting of the sun. On the left, the township lit up as the sun hoy reflects its impel on the shiny galvanised rooftops of the houses. The glass windows and doors shone with a brilliance that could non be chatn up close. That scene was breathtaking. The pink aura encasing the town seemed unrealistic as my eyes followed the people strolling their way kinfolk as they hold on to their child. A sudden dispassionate zephyr blew upon my right cheek, attracting my attention to the beautiful reflective sea. The sea was magical as the golden sun gradually set into the horizon. The tranquillise water sparkled brightly as the warm unwarranted was soft taken away, making the illuminated parts show upstanding. The halo make of salt regular(a) from the height and the temperature dropped quickly. The s unset was only gorgeous, the clouds lighting up with a striking orange colour seem to be on fire . The trees surrounding me swayed to the recall breeze as birds flew to their nests, cawing softly to bid their friends goodnight. The red light of the scenery was indubitable until the sun was completely dissolved into the sea. It was an bewitching moment that i was compelled to commit to memory. Such atmosphere seems to tarry for eternity. Suddenly, the ground started tingle vigorously. I could see a volcano trembling uncontrollably from a distance. Before i could even take issue my binoculars to have a better(p) view of what was happening, the volcano started erupting. It shuddered and raced down from its peak to the city with a roar like that of ten thousand wild beasts. The relaxed ambiance receded into a hollow holloa of avalanche. That instance, all i could see was people dashing out of their houses in terror, trying to escape from such catastrophic disaster. Sc reams were obliterated by the roar. Houses ! were demolished, crushed and uprooted. Children were...If you command to get a skillful essay, order it on our website:

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