Monday, September 23, 2019

Why I deserve this scholarship Personal Statement

Why I deserve this scholarship - Personal Statement Example Due to the economic meltdown, I found myself currently unemployed and struggling financially. I am a single mother of three children and we are on public assistance. It did bother me a lot to find myself in this troubling circumstance yet it was not a moment to lose hope. It occurred to me that being on public assistance would not do good in the long run so I returned to school to get my AS in Criminal Justice. These prompted me to seek this scholarship. It would be of great help as I wouldn't be having problems on paying for the books, student's loans, or other school necessities. It would be a happy blessing if I would be able to win this scholarship. Be rest assured that this is not only for my personal gain, this scholarship would pave way for me to serve my country in a more efficient and quality-oriented manner. I would strive to be the best student that I could be and be worthy of such opportunity.

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