Thursday, September 26, 2019

Equal and Superior Services of Restaurants Research Paper

Equal and Superior Services of Restaurants - Research Paper Example This concept of equality and superiority can easily be understood by the example of restaurants. Most of these restaurants are providing services but very few of them are capable of providing superior services with equality. People visiting restaurants are from diverse environment settings and have dissimilar needs. Thus a restaurants need to achieve the status of being superior by providing equality in outcomes of experiences of different individuals. Like:Ambiance/ decoration: People who wants to dine out definitely requires something especial to feel and eat. Efforts should be made to impress the customers by providing them relax and pleasant environment. Furnishing should be comfortable yet functional.Waiting Staff: Few things that make the first impression about the restaurant, waiters/waitresses are among them. Hiring trained staff proved to be the backbone of the restaurant business. Customers expect friendly, polite and professional treatment from the waiting staff. Healthy F ood: If customers have caloric information of the meals on the menu card or on request, it will be an additional service on behalf of the restaurant. Trying to have variety and creativity in the recipes of meal prevent customers to feel boredom from same kind of menu. Use of Advance Equipments and Technology: Restaurants should accept the credit cards to provide ease to the customer in payments. In addition, restaurants should have their own website in order to display their latest packages, new recipes.

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