Monday, January 27, 2014

A Presidential Look: John Adams - The Only Federalist President This is a paper about the presidency of John Adams. It covers his economic, foreign, and domestic policies

John Adams was the second president of the linked States of America. Over his destination as president, Adams had to deal with more conflicts centered on the political climate, the economy, and unknown and domestic affairs. During the presidential campaign of 1796, Adams was the presidential outlook of the Federalist troupe with Thomas Pinckney as the second some(prenominal) popular Federalist. Their opp one and only(a)nts were reference Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson and Senator Aaron Burr on the Democratic-Republican ticket. Although most Federalists would have preferred Alexander Hamilton to be a candidate, they brook Adams all the same. In the end, Adams won and became chair and Jefferson became misdeed President. It was the for the setoff time and only election to elect a President and Vice President from opposing tickets. The presence of a Democratic-Republican so uplifted up in the Adams administration made it problematical at times for the president to promote his Federalist agenda and was the get of many conflicts. In an era of peace, a president with Adams posture of the site might have enjoyed a tranquil quartette years. However, from the start, the government of John Adams was dominated not by tranquility, only by a single issue that threatened to break the marrow before the end of its first decade. It was fortunate for the nation, and for Adams have to presidential great-ness, that this single issue concerned foreign policy, the firmament in which the president had the most independent authority and the one for which Adams was top hat prepared for by experience. This issue was France. In 1796, Paris terminate all diplomatic relations with the united States in retort to Jays Treaty of the previous year. Having expected the United States to uphold the Franco-American concretion of 1778, France was stunned when President Washington issued the disinterest Proclamation, thus staying... If you extremity to get a full essa! y, mold it on our website:

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