Sunday, October 6, 2019

Markting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Markting - Essay Example It is also a place where they can easily go to during lunch breaks for quick make-overs such as manicures or pedicures. Clients from the offices do not need to commute to go to the salon since it is just walking distance from their offices. Competition is not very stiff because most salons are located in the malls. For the hair, the services offered at the salon include hair cut, shampoo, blow dry, hair relax, hair rebonding, color, perm, wave, hair extension, hot oil and other specialized hair treatments. Grooming services include hair waxing and threading. For the nails, the services offered are manicure and pedicure. Make-up services are also offered. For the body, there is a choice of massage services which include a chair massage, foot massage/spa and a full-body massage. The salon will be marketed as a â€Å"one-stop shop† meaning it offers all the services that a woman is looking for in a salon. There is no need for her to go to one salon to have her hair done and go to another to have a foot spa. The unique selling point of the salon is the convenience it offers to its clients. It is not a high-end salon since the target market are office workers. Prices for the services will be somewhere in the middle-ground to be affordable to its market. To attract customers, coffee, tea or fresh juices will be offered to them while at the salon. Aside from magazines, there will be LCD televisions to entertain them while being serviced at the salon. In this way, even if they have to wait and stay in the salon for hours, the clients will not be bored. Advertising for the salon will be limited to flyers which will be distributed to offices nearby or to passersby. Membership cards will be given to customers wherein they are able to accumulate points for every service done on them. After reaching a certain number of points, they can avail of free services or beauty products or apply the points for discounts. Another marketing strategy that will

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