Monday, August 12, 2019

Co-education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Co-education - Essay Example There are several arguments in favour of co-education. It is believed that studying in a co-educational set up holds value in allowing students to interact with the opposite sex from an early age, so that when they enter university life, and subsequently, their workplaces, they do not feel out of their comfort zones when asked to work alongside the opposite sex. In this way, sharing classes and studying with the opposite sex from an earlier age or stage in their education could prepare them in their dealings with everyone in their professional future. This is done by breaking down communication barriers, enhancing the way male and female pupils can speak to each other and discuss issues as equals, and all in all, this allows the elimination of the thought that the inherent differences between the two sexes should, for whatever reason, deter their working alongside each other. Therefore, in coeducational schools, when groups have to be formed and projects and presentations are done, a mixed group allows students to learn from and understand the opposite sex, all the while getting work done in a productive manner and breaking down the fence of shyness and building confidence. Another value that co-education has is the mutual benefit that boys and girls can derive from each other. Science has shown that boys and girls have different skills and aptitude, and putting them up for display in the same platform, or in this case, classroom will allow them to learn from each other and hone the skills that, perhaps, do not come naturally to them. It is known, for example, that male students have a better aptitude for sports, or mathematics and physics, whereas female students perform better in art, biology, and languages. Recognizing these differences in strengths and talents, one can safely say that there is ample opportunity for a

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